5 Reasons ALL Uber Drivers Need a Dual Dashcam

Driver and passenger safety has been a major headline Uber and other rideshare companies have come up against in recent months. Driving for these companies is inherently dangerous, but can be made safer if you have the right tools at your disposal.

One such tool is a dash camera. A dash cam serves as an insurance policy for many drivers. However, finding the right cameras for Uber drivers can be an overwhelming task, and you may be asking yourself if you really need one at all. To help you make up your mind about whether or not to purchase a dual camera Dashcam for your rideshare work, consider the following 5 convincing reasons you ought to.

  1. To Protect Against False Claims

If a passenger decides to make a false claim about their experience with an Uber driver, it is one person’s word against another. A dashcam eliminates that risk. By recording both the driver and passenger, both parties are protected.

  1. To Make Riders Feel Safe

Rideshare companies have received their fair share of negative press recently, and passengers are starting to lose trust in drivers. A dash cam provides confidence and a sense of security for passengers. This contributes to a better business transaction all the way around.

  1. In Case of an Accident

When accidents occur, a dual camera can prevent fraud and help you get the settlement you deserve. A dash cam serves as an eye witness and protects both the driver and the passenger.

  1. For Professionalism

Anyone serious about their work as an Uber driver does well to present themselves in a professional manner. Passengers can trust you are professional if they see a dashcam in your vehicle. Trusting your dedication to their safety, they are more likely to use your services again, thereby helping to increase your rating.

  1. Can Save You Money

As we have seen, a dash camera can protect you from a host of complications including accident fraud, law suits and even aiding you in increasing repeat business. In reality, you can’t afford not to have a camera in your vehicle.

One of the best cameras for Uber drivers is the Falcon Zero F360. With 2 cameras one for the inside and 1 forward facing, it serves as the best form of protection for both drivers and passengers. Thanks to FalconZero.com, drivers can now purchase this high quality camera for a serious discount. Record what’s happening inside your vehicle and out, by adding this safety tool to your rideshare equipment.



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