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  • Falcon Zero Touch HD Dash Cam

    The Falcon Zero Touch HD DashCam incorporates simplicity with functionality without compromising performance. Equipped with the state of the art 6 glass lenses while utilizing Wide Dynamic Range technology (WDR), the Touch obtains the most optimal video quality; whether it’s high noon in the sun or under the stars at night, rest assured if you see it, so will the Touch.

    Hi Tech Premium Lens

    First and foremost, a dash cams most important feature is the clarity of the footage you have captured. Falcon Zero incorporates 6 glass lenses, WDR technology and a 3.0 MP CMOS sensor into the Touch HD for guaranteed superior clarity.

    Quick Mount Bracket System

    Like most electronics, power is required to operate, and the same goes for the Touch HD. We simplified the mounting and dismounting by essentially making the mount a docking station, in which the GPS and Power cord stay attached, and with the help of power pins, the user is able to quickly hook and unhook without any cable unplugging.

    4” Capacitive Touch Screen

    The Touch HD’s 4” capacitive touch screen is not only vibrant in color ; it allows you to see what your camera is seeing, but also allows for a frustration free way to navigate through the menus. Fast and accurate touch response, and an intuitive menu layout will make set up and changing a setting a breeze, no more fumbling through buttons that have dual functions or confusing layouts.

    Auto Record

    Once the vehicle powers on, so does the Touch HD, no need to touch a thing; it’s good to go. Automatically shuts off when the vehicle is turned off.

    GPS Tracking

    The Touch HD comes with GPS software along with included GPS module. Now you can not only see your footage, but see on a map your coordinates and speed on Google Maps.

    G - Sensor

    The gravity sensor detects any sudden jolt or vibration such as a collision and will auto lock that clip so its not overwritten. This is an adjustable setting and can be turned off if desired.

    Loop Recording

    Record in 3, 5, or 10 minute clips (or loops) and with a simple one touch of a button, you can lock that clip from being recorded over. Also continuous recording is an option.

    TrueHD 1080p

    With TrueHD full 1080p recording, you will be able to record the highest quality footage available. Even license plates will be clear where as most DVRs they are blurry.

    Motion Sensor

    Set the Touch HD to dtect motion only and it will turn on when it senses movement up to 30 feet away, and record till the movement has stopped.

    Parking Security

    The Touch HD still functions even when your vehicle is off. If a vibration or impact is felt, the DVR will turn on automatically, use the power from the built in battery, and lock record 10 seconds, then power back down.

    Night Vision

    Enable night mode to enhance recording in dark areas or night time. Helps in capturing smaller details not normally seen at night while driving.

    Wide Angle Lens

    At 170 degree's it will be hard to miss anything in front of the multi-layer lens. Specifically tuned to reach 170 degrees of visibility with as little 'fish bowl' effect as possible.

    Ultra HD Photo

    Take beautiful 12 megapixel still photos. In 99 percent of accidents pictures are taken, and along with your footage, pictures are also used by insurance companies to assess damage.


    Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is a technology where the camera’s range is extended to cover a greater span between bright and dark areas in the image.

    4 inch LCD

    Big enough to capture where the Touch HD is pointing and small enough to be discreet. This LCD screen allows for playback of video and pictures; a necessity if footage is needed on the spot.

    Plate Log

    With multiple DVR's in multiple cars, the Touch HD has a built in feature that allows you to enter the license plate number of the vehicle the DVR is in.

    SD Card (Included)

    SD Card have come a long way, unfortunately so have fake ones. By fake we mean they are labeled incorrectly and not true to the branding. We supply you with a genuine 32GB Class 10 UHS1 SD card.

    HDMI 1.3 Output

    With HDMI 1.3, simply plug the Touch HD into any HDMI ready TV and view your footage or pictures on the big screen. (HDMI cable not included).

  • Customer Reviews

  • Falcon Zero 24-on Dashcam Hardwire Accessory Kit - Keeps the Dash cam Running While Car is Off,

    Falcon Zero 3 Port USB High Speed Car Charger 6.6A, with USB Smart Wattage Controller IC

    Falcon Zero 11 Foot Power Cord (Micro USB) for Touch HD/Falcon F170HD+

    Falcon Zero Cord Clips (8 pack)

    Falcon Zero 32GB SD Card with Adapter

    Falcon Zero 64GB Class 10 UHS-1 SDXC Memory Card for Dash Cameras

    Falcon Zero Data Cord (Micro USB) For F170HD, Touch HD

    Falcon Zero Touch HD GPS Module (MicroUSB)

    FalconZero Touch HD - Rearview Mirror Bracket Mount for Dash Cam


    Falcon Zero Touch HD Power Cradle

  • Key Advanced Features

    1080P High Definition Recording
    4” Color TFT LCD
    High Dynamic Range (HDR)
    High Quality 6 Glass Lens
    GPS Geo Tagging
    Gravity Sensor
    64GB max capacity
    Easy touch screen operation
    170° Wide FOV Angle


    Loop Recording – Variable
    Quick Power Mount Detach
    4x Digital Zoom
    30 Second Delayed Shutoff
    Emergency File Lock
    Variable Gravity Sensor
    Anti Shake
    Built In Speaker & Mic
    11 Languages
    Time/Date Stamp

    File Formats & Resolutions

    Video Resolutions 1920x1080
    Video Format H.264 - .AVI
    Built In Speaker & Mic
    Audio Format WAV
    Photo Format JPEG
    Photo Resolutions 12M, 10M, 8M, 5M, 2M, 1.3M, VGA


    Weight - 5 ounces
    H x W x D – 63 x 95 x 6 mm
    High Dynamic Range (HDR)
    4” TFT LCD Built In
    5M CMOS
    ISO: Auto, 100, 200, 400
    PAL/NTSC Output
    White Balance
    Micro USB 2.0 Port
    F2.0 Aperture

    Package Contents

    Falcon Zero Touch HD DVR Camera w/Power Mount
    32GB Class 10 UHS1 microSD card w/ Adapter
    Windshield Fully Adjustable Mount
    6 Adhesive Cord Management Clips
    Premium 3 Port USB 6.6 Amp Car Charger
    DashCam Viewer© 64 Bit GPS Software
    Warranty Card


    5 Year Limited Warranty
    6 Month Warranty for Accessories

  • Falcon Zero Touch HD Dash Cam

    Download User Manual

    Dashcam Viewer V.1.8.2(Win)       Dashcam Viewer V.1.8.2(Mac)

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