Falcon Zero was established in 2012 and has been a highly praised dash cam brand since the founding. We are a dedicated company that has been the leader in car dash cam technology. Our greatest vision is to cater for the growing security and safety concerns of thousands of drivers by offering reliable drive recorder systems using state of the art black box technology.

We sell high quality dash cams and dash cam accessories. Our products can be easily installed to match your car’s setting and to blend with other factory installed components. Our products are well known as the best in the business, apart from everyday drivers we also supply big organization, local councils, government bodies, fleet companies and more.

As the world’s leading dash camera suppliers with the highest number of car cameras sold world-wide, more and more people are beginning to see the big advantages of having a dash cam in their car. Not only does a dash cam give you a nice feeling of having some kind of safety, it has also proven to increase the safety awareness of people driving their car.

With some years of experience in this industry, we pride ourselves on selling super high quality, reliable, and high performing cameras that never disappoint. Dash Cameras that their systems include components of the highest quality ensuring the cameras do not succumb to exposure of very hot temperatures.

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