Attached you will find the ZIP file. Simply download it, then open the ZIP file, you will see 3 items total:

Images Folder
LD96650A File
FW96650A File

Copy and paste the LD96650A file onto an SD card, preferably a formatted one, using the one that came with the unit is fine as well.

Once you have copied the file onto the SD card,with the F170HD connected to power, simply insert the SD card, press and holdthe ON/OFF button. You will notice the LCD screen flash white a few times, thisindicates an update.

After this remove the SD card, format it, and then copy and paste the FW96650 File onto the SD card along with the files found in Images Folder, insert the SD card again into the F170HD, and press andhold the power button again, you will see a series of flashes and then a screen showing the start up images updating.

Once this is done, the device will power back off. Remember to remove the SD card, don’t turn it back on with the SD card inside or it will update again. Format the SD card, and place back into the Falcon F170HD.

Falcon Zero F360 Firmware 

Please read carefully
the instructions above before downloading the firmware: