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Falcon Zero F360 HD

Does the camera image appear in the middle of the mirror while I drive the car? Always? can it turn off?

No it does not stay on - turns on when the car goes on and the screen shuts off after a minute or so to enable the use of the mirror, But the camera records all the time while it's connected to the cigarette lighter

Does the F360 have 24 on tech?

The F360 does not have the 24-ON included, but you can buy it separately, you can find it in the accessories section,

I just get a "card error" message on screen when I turn it on. I can't figure out how to format the card. I tried to switch the lock on and off, but that did nothing.

Contact Falcon Zero support at -

Does the camera always have to be connected to the cigarette lighter? Or does it have a rechargeable battery?

Yes, in order for the camera to record it has to be plugged in, However there is a small battery build in to save your settings,

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