Falcon Zero 24-ON Dashcam Hardwire Accessory Kit

Keeps the Dash cam Running While Car is Off




BATTERY PROTECTION: Falcon Zero 24 ON Hard Wire kit protects both vehicle battery and device battery from overcharging and drainage using patented Inteli-Batt Anti Battery Drain Technology

24 HOUR CONINUOUS SURVEILLANCE: Hard wire kit allows continuous power to your Falcon Zero dashcam mirror cam allows for continuous recording, ideal for vehicles parked in public places or outside your home

JUMPER FUSE HOLDERS: Two Mini ATM fuse holders included in hard wire kit, used to prevent damage to fuse box, prevents premature corrosion and humidity related water damage, very convenient, easy installation

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: For use with Falcon Zero dashcams and mirror cams, devices that use Mini USB, Micro USB, protects the devices battery by cutting power once battery is filled, Regulator power specs 12V~24V input, 5V 1200mA output, regulator box size: about 2-1/2"x 1' (4.5cm x 2cm)

Falcon Zero 24 On Dashcam Hardwire Kit is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to not only free up their lighter socket from use, but to enable around the clock surveillance, even when your vehicle is off and your inside your home or 2,000 miles away on a business trip. Using patented Inteli-Batt Anti Battery Drain technology, you can rest assured your vehicle battery will never die or drain out to a damaging level.

Also, equally important is protecting the dashcams internal battery. Should the 24 On Hardwire kit detect a full charge or possible overcharge, it will turn off power coming from the battery to the unit, protecting it from any damage. This is something to consider even if your vehicle has a socket that is always on even if the battery is off as vehicle manufacturers do not build in such protection from the factory.

This dash cam kit also includes fuse jumper cables, providing excellent protection against the elements and ease of installation. Inside the box are also 3 types of connections; microUSB, miniUSB, and a 3.5mm power jack that will insure you have the right power connection for your device.

With Falcon Zero's unparalleled 5 year warranty right here in the USA, you're guaranteed a quality product backed with quality customer service. We are sure you will love this hard wire kit or your money back, no questions asked!

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